Thursday, June 26, 2008

Don't Want to Get Bit!

Welcome to my Ask Dr. Sole weekly web column!

This is where I answer all your questions about men, dating, and Soleology.

In the book, I teach women to trust their "inner sole" instincts to read a man by his shoes to see if he's good dating material. I also teach men how to put their best foot forward... because women are looking at the shoes on their feet!


Hi Dr. Sole,
How are you? I just saw your appearance on the Tyra Show. I loved your shoe philosophy. I have a question, I am interested in a guy who often wears a snake or alligator type designer shoe that has a narrow square toe. Please tell me what I’m getting myself into?


Don’t Want to Get Bit!


Dear Don’t Want to Get Bit!

Remember, we are (usually) in complete control of what shoes we choose to wear on our feet as we step out into the world. I can already tell you feel a bit uneasy about the qualities of the shoes his express. Unless he’s an Indian or a Cowboy – men who wear “hunter” type skins on their shoes usually also express some predatory characteristics as well. Which may or may not be what you are looking for in a date or a mate. A narrow toe – especially an elongated toe- indicates sex. He might try to put on the moves really fast! If you date him, make sure to stand your ground. Don’t let him charm you into thinking what he wants is what you want too… unless of course, it is.

Dr. Sole

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